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We All Need to Help


Times today are challenging and unprecedented.


Isolation and disconnection, along with fears and anxieties, as dictated to us by the reaction to the COVID-19 virus, are breeding grounds for mental health issues. Those at-risk and those in recovery are going to be adversely affected. Depression and anxiety will abound, causing people to self-medicate with alcohol and pills, tempting their fate. We are only seeing the tip of this iceberg now. Well after this pandemic is under control, we will be dealing with its repercussions.

We already see increased abuse of drugs and alcohol, pushing large numbers of people to the point of needing treatment to save themselves from self-destructive behavior, or worse, death from overdoses and suicide.


James recently came to Another Solution critically impaired by chronic substance abuse and bipolar disorder. He was a “poster boy” for an at-risk individual in this environment. Given to violent mood swings and using alcohol or drugs to cope, he could quickly go on a bender and land in jail or be suicidal. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, James is doing well in his recovery now.


What we do

Another Solution is a non-profit organization founded in 1997, providing no-cost clinical assessments and financial aid to those suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues, which co-occur about 50% of the time. These are people that do not choose to be addicted to either alcohol or drugs but suffer from grave substance use disorders.


Those that show a sincere desire to get sober and have a financial need can receive a full scholarship for treatment matching their needs. This financial aid can include clinical detox, in-patient and outpatient treatment, transitional outpatient support, and sober living accommodations. Residential in-patient treatment costs about $800 per day.


We need your help

You are the financial spark that can light the fire of recovery. Help yourself. Help someone else. Go to to make your monthly or one-time gift. With your help, we can make a difference.

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