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Another Solution, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 1997. We exist solely for the purpose of helping those in need of treatment for substance use disorders and other compulsive behaviors.


Another Solution's evaluation committee assesses and reviews the applicant's data. We determine the nature of the disease, identify any co-occurring conditions, and recommend a treatment protocol consistent with the evaluation.  Another Solution then guides the applicant toward a treatment facility or treatment plan that matches his or her needs. We assist the client and the family from the beginning to the end, providing support along the way.


Another Solution has decades of experience with rehabilitation and recovery in the N. Texas area and across the nation. We apply our experience to match clients with the right facility. We are not aligned with any treatment facility and therefore are able to send our folks anywhere that is qualified and offers diagnosis compatible treatment.


The beauty of Another Solution is that we know treatment, and we know recovery. We know what is going on with the patient, their fears, and their hopes. Nobody is better suited than Another Solution to direct patients and their families to the right solution for freedom from addictions and compulsive behaviors.


The mission of Another Solution is to provide aid and direction to challenged individuals who express a genuine desire and qualify for treatment for compulsive and addictive disorders.


The vision of Another Solution is to build a community of individuals thriving in the hope and healing of recovery.

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