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Alamo Title Company

American Airlines

American Title Co.

AmeriCredit Financial Services

Bank of America

Beechwood Business Park

Bill + Lori Hoffman

Bonnie Stovall

Brookhaven Golf Club

Carole Jordan

Cathey + Wade Brown

Charles + Beverly Peavy

Charles T. Davis

Christopher & Martha Rolland

Clear Brook Manor, Inc.

Club Corp of America

Cottonwood de Tucson

Dallas Athletic Club

Dallas Country Club

Dallas Marriott Quorum

Dan + Debbie Town

David + Linda Heather

David Cherry

Double Tree Hotel-Lincoln Center

Dr. Pepper Company

Edward F. Doran

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Elite Cars of Dallas/Billy Railsback

England Investments

Families Anonymous

Feizy Imports

Four Seasons Resort & Club

Frank Houseman

Furstenberg Construction Company

Gillis Thomas Company

Globeflex Capital L.P.

Green Oaks Hospital

Haven Counseling

Hotel St. Germain

Jack + Jane Haugsland

James E. Gooch

Jean Barrow

Jerry P. Cunningham

Jim + Kathy Hopper

Jim + Martha Carlo

Jim R. Fite

John + Betty Prickett

John + Charmian Reap

John Caldwell

John M. Skelton III

Kenny A. Troutt

Landmark Mortgage Company

Larry Kinege

Larry North Total Fitness

Leggett, Inc.

Life Healing Center of Santa Fe

Lundy Services, Inc.

Marketing Support Management

Mary Kay Foundation

Mary Stewart Ramsey

Michael’s House

Milam B. Pharo, M.D.

Nancy H. Hammer

North Dallas Healthcare Association

Park Cities Dental Associates, P.C.

Passages, Inc.

Pavilion International

Peg Pannell Smith

Peter Ray, M.D.


Pillowtex Corporation

Power House Programs

Raymond G. Kriete

Richard Edwards

Richard G. Miller, DDS

Rick + Dodie Buferd

River Oaks Hospital

Robert + Dorothy Verhalen

Royal Oaks Country Club

Sante Center for Healing

Shelly Vaughn

Sierra Tucson

Skyline Properties

Southwest Airlines

State Bank + Trust

Stephen Weeks

Steve Smathers

Suzannah Wisenbaker

Texas Capital Bank

Texas Title + Co./Phillip Doephner

The Associates

The Betty Ford Center

The Bill Strong Family

The Cabra Family

The Dallas Heart Group

The Dallas Stars/The Texas Rangers

The Kuehne Family

The Meadows

The Philip D. Hart Family

The R.G. Lambert Family

The Staubach Company

The Terry Murphy Family

The Thomas Hansbrough Family

The Tom Davis Family

The Tom Ellis Family

Tim + B.J. Parra

Town East Ford

Troy + Sue Smith

Warren S. Wingert Co. Realtor

Wilderness Treatment Center

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