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Willingness is Key to Recovery

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Willingness is when you are willing to do something out of choice, not because someone forced you. This is an important quality to have when you are in recovery. By being willing to get yourself into recovery, you would prefer to embrace this change instead of fighting it.

Why People Lack Willingness in Recovery

Some people may be in recovery because their friends and family put a lot of pressure on them to do it instead of doing it alone. After all, they feel they need it. This usually means you will be in recovery just for them to buy time but ultimately return to addiction when their heads are turned. Another reason you may lack willingness could be because even though you may not want to experience the pain of addiction ever again, your urge to continue your drug use is more potent — you could be thinking of how bad things were for you when you tried to quit your habit and how drugs and alcohol brought you pleasure. Furthermore, if you have an underlying mental illness like depression that is untreated, you may be more susceptible to avoiding treatment.

Hitting Rock Bottom and Willingness

Sometimes, it is not until you hit rock bottom that you have a willingness to seek help. It does not mean your whole life needs to be ruined or that you must lose everything, and it could just mean that something happened to you that made you realize enough is enough. Willingness can give you the energy to take the right steps to end your addiction. You can heal if you are willing to use the available resources around you, like counselors, rehabs, a 12-Step program, and more.

The Keys to Willingness in Recovery

If you are willing to escape your drug and/or alcohol addiction, you are willing to do whatever it takes, such as keeping an open mind to your treatment options. You would be willing to devote however long it takes to ensure your successful recovery journey. You also know that you need to take action by going to scheduled appointments and speaking to your therapist. You are still allowed to ask questions and make your own decisions — willingness is just about keeping an open mind to your life without addiction and taking control to achieve that life.

Willingness is a strong emotion that comes in handy for successful addiction recovery. You can will yourself to follow through with your recovery plan because you know how important it is to your health. Willingness can allow you to do amazing things and not give in to your urges.

ANOTHER SOLUTION KNOWS RECOVERY and recognizes that willingness may not come so easily. You may be feeling like your addiction is speaking louder than your willpower. You do not have to go through this alone. Our highly trained specialists can help drown out those voices that want to ruin your recovery. We can provide individualized treatment plans for your addiction and mental health concerns. Being connected to the best addiction and mental health specialists, your willingness to recover can go far.


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