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Staying Sober Through A Global Catastrophe

In the midst of chaotic times, empty grocery store shelves, and price gouging, COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Hour by hour we are seeing hundreds of more cases of Coronavirus in the United States, and that’s without full-fledged testing.

We’re now told to avoid restaurants and bars, and we’re told we could be dealing with this well into the summer months. The stock market is at a free fall, and changes are still occurring at a rapid pace.

Staying Sober Through COVID-19

Across the country, 35 million school children are forced to stay home. Parents are struggling to find childcare, and there is an ongoing struggle for those who fear they have been exposed and are awaiting results.

During these next few months, it’s clear that a shift in our normalcy will take place. Waking up and walking into our home office just feet away may become an everyday routine. Work meetings, therapy, and 12-step meetings may take place via teleconference. We’ll leave our houses only for essential items like food and medicine and if we’re lucky, get to take a walk or exercise outside.

Not only infection, as the virus moves forward, echoes of devastation may follow closely behind. Many who are unable to work from home may lose their jobs; businesses may shut down. As many of us have seen, with the lengths that those around us go to get basic necessities for themselves, we may continue to see isolation dominate and addiction continue to thrive.

As panic ensues, the spirit of connection for many go out the window. However, in the midst of a dystopian normalcy and looming devastation, isn’t it ironic that as we’re being told to isolate, it’s times like this we need to come together the most?

The Irony of It All

For those of us who are sober, we’ve also lived two lives. From the darkest times of our own lives, we’ve been able to find the silver lining and make peace with ourselves, learning and acting our way to a state of hope. In the midst of these trying times, we must not forget where we came from and what we’ve been through. These times are going to be tough and probably get tougher. If we can’t feel united holding hands during prayer or giving hugs while we’re gathered together, we can begin to feel united in helping out the rest of the world by staying sober and leading others by example by doing what became the basic cornerstone of our recovery: connecting with each other.

Over the past few days, there have been a number of platforms that have announced they are providing online meetings for those to continue to attend support groups from their home. If you have any other resources, please add them to the comments below. We will continue to add to this list as more online meetings are announced. See below for descriptions and meetings:

Sobriety Engine

Sobriety Engine offers virtual meetings and support groups for those who cannot leave their homes or want to attend from their phone. They are currently looking for speakers and volunteers to help fill slots. This group also provides guest Q&A sessions with guests, online courses, and a newsfeed and messaging section to connect with other members of the community. Join Sobriety Engine, here.

In The Rooms

In The Rooms is an online meeting platform that provides over 100 virtual meetings everyday. With over 30 fellowships and meeting formats available, the possibilities and camaraderie that one can find are endless and there’s always wisdom to be gained on this platform. Join In The Rooms, here.

AA Zoom Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous has created Zoom meetings available in replacement of the meetings that may have been canceled in certain areas. You can check out the meeting times and schedule by joining the Facebook group, here.

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Leonard Gates
Leonard Gates
Sep 04, 2021

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