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5 Ways Meditation Can Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety Attacks

Meditation has long been used as a method of stress reduction, but did you know it could reduce your risk of suffering from anxiety attacks? Properly meditating, and doing so regularly, can provide immediate relief of stress and reduce your risk of suffering from a panic attack. Below we’ll discuss various methods of meditation and the benefits each has in reducing panic and preventing further stress.

1. Meditation Calms an Over-Stimulated Mind

Often times, the reason for an anxiety attack is because the brain is overstimulated. When we don’t feel in control of our thoughts and actions, we tend to panic a bit. Meditation draws our attention to a single, calm moment and reduces the chatter going on in our minds. This allows the panic to subside, the stress to dissipate, and the relaxation to take over even in an otherwise chaotic world.

2. Meditation Provides Insight into a Clear Path

Stress and anxiety develop when we struggle to see the direction we are taking in life. When it feels like our goals are not being achieved, and our movements are not leading to progress, we start to worry. Worry turns into deep stress, and the fear can lead to an anxiety attack, but meditation helps you to visualize the path you are on. Use meditation to quiet your mind and connect with the plans you already have in place so that you can visualize a clear path to success.

3. Meditation Helps Us Brush Off Negative Thoughts

Do you often find yourself wrestling with negative thoughts? Mediation can help you to map out your thoughts, reduce the stress that comes with overthinking a situation, and train your mind to accept certain thoughts without allowing them to eat away at you. Consider an exercise in meditation in which you write each negative thought you have in a ten minute period down on paper. Take the paper and burn the entire thing. Watch the negative thoughts go away!

4. Meditation for Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Do you find yourself overlooking the positive things in life because you are too overburdened by the stress and fear of the immediate situation? Do you often worry? Are you so focused on the narrow situations that drove you to feel stressed and burnt out? Meditation can help you to evoke a sense of mindfulness that allows you to see things from a different perspective. Take a break, and don’t let judgment get in the way of your happiness and ability to relax.

5. Meditation Calms a Defensive Attitude

Do you find yourself defending everything you do? Do you often feel stress or anxiety over what others think about your actions? If you’re always on the defense, it’s easy to be stressed to the limit. Meditation can help you work toward improving your attitude and not feeling as if you must defend every action. Practice meditation tactics such as breathing slowly and listening to each and every breath as you actively allow your fears of what others think to dissipate. Listen to the silence and allow it to wash over you - No need to defend this action!

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