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testimonial: patty b.

I have, as does my son, the distinct privilege of having been intercepted by ANOTHER SOLUTION when we were in the midst of a crisis, not knowing where to turn or what to do!  Here is ‘our’ story as it is just now unfolding….


My son has, throughout his life, seemed to thrive and fail.  He has made choices along the way that seemed obvious to everyone else to be ‘short-sighted’.  He has often seemed like he has the thought processes of a teenager as opposed to those of an adult.  But, we have thought, it’s his life and he will live it ‘his’ way.  He’s had good jobs and been able to be very responsible in those areas.  He, more often than not, has, however, not been particularly as attentive to his ‘personal' responsibilities.  In his personal space, he has not been as dependable or timely as would have been prudent.  In his work life, he has done some remarkable things.  Things that he literally can’t seem to do for ‘himself’.  This has always been such a struggle for him and certainly for those close to him, to watch….over and over.  It has frustrated him and us!  But, again, people live their lives differently and make their own choices.

However, the 2 last years and particularly the last 15 months, there has been something even more sinister.  What’s happened!?!  The wheels were rocking on the bus.  The lug nuts were loosening.  We could all see it. My son was going deep into denial or who knew what?!?


Segway….It was Giving Day in Dallas.  A friend shared a video she had seen on the Internet.  It was of a friend of mine giving her testimonial about her father, who had struggled with alcohol addiction and his subsequent healing from his addiction.  They were actually friends of mine.  I had known some, but not all, of their story.  It was a very heartfelt, sincere story, shared by them both.  I was touched by their willingness to put it all ‘out there’ and proud of the outcome from all the pain endured and the subsequent freedom in which they now walk.  End of story…or so I thought at that time.


Meanwhile, my son’s life and the consequences of many unfortunate choices, over months on end, we're now caving in on him.  He was, quite literally, about to be ‘homeless’!  I thought of my friend’s testimony and gave her a call.

I told her what I could see was happening but that I did not know exactly WHAT had happened.  It had been obvious that the projected ‘end’ was at the threshold of ‘it’s happening’ and ‘now’!  I asked, “is Another Solution a place to start”?  What do they do?  How do they do it?  Can they tell me what to do?  Her answer was “Yes. They can start the conversation.”  Inside my head, I was overwhelmed with “They Can?!?”  What’s next?  My son had literally moved out of his apartment and had nowhere to go. No money. No car.  All due to a long series of really bad judgment and really bad choices.  He WAS on the street.  THAT is a nightmare to watch, though I was told to ‘let it happen’!

I will say it WAS the tipping point that got my son to be willing to be evaluated.  That was step one!  Another Solution was stepping in to guide the ‘addict’ and the family.  We have suspected ‘use’ and abuse of whatever substance or substances but there is so much confusion in the ‘chaos’.  If there is an ‘addict’ in your family…you know to what I am referring!  You want to believe the best and hold on tightly, hoping this ‘dynamic' will go away….that they will ‘grow up’. 


ANOTHER SOLUTION stepped in!!!!  There WERE issues!  They needed to be addressed.  You DO have an addict in your family.  He’s NOT just having a bad day!  It IS a mental disease and needs attention.  He IS struggling and needs intervention and ‘professional’ help!  He is self-medicating.  He has trauma, different than what we are having, from what ‘he’ brings to the table.  We ALL need help to be able to move ‘forward’!  We are now on a journey, going down a better path, hopefully to freedom…for all of us!  Is this what any of us wanted?  What has been eluded to, but hidden in the dark, has been exposed and light is coming in!  Hopefully, we will ALL find new freedom out of this blessed opportunity, through Another Solution!  My son is now in a Rehabilitation/Healing Center as a consequence of Another Solution’s resources and expertise!   We are in the beginning stages.  NONE of this could or would have happened without ANOTHER SOLUTION!   I, we, are truly indebted to this miraculous intervention and provision by the benevolence of caring people at Another Solution.  We are eternally grateful!  I HIGHLY recommend them to whoever needs direction from the dark, frightening place of addiction, of any kind, that may have or may be disrupting your life or home!  It’s imperative that you do something!   Start with Another Solution!  If they don’t have the answers, they certainly can help you find your way to ‘help’!  Do it NOW!!!  Or you will truly have many ‘lost years’ to ponder with the "if only”.  Timing has so much to do with it but the ‘tools’ are there for you to apprehend if you just know about them and can implement them into your chaos, into the struggle.  Do you have a loved one who is ‘in trouble’?   The ‘whole' family suffers!   Please, do yourself and your family the service of at least a call to Another Solution!   I am one, my son is one, who is benefitting ‘now’!  It seems late in the game (of life) but with Another Solution, we are right on time! 

Patty B.

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