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At Another Solution*, we are committed to providing financial aid for those suffering from addictions and co-occurring mental disorders to get the help they need. These people do not have the option of whether or not to drink or drug. They are now facing unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19 and its isolation and distancing. They need your help.

You can help them to stay in treatment or get access to treatment to survive and rejoin society as productive Moms and Dads and children and brothers and sisters.

Join the #GivingTuesdayNow movement on May 5, an opportunity for us to stand together and give back in response in these unprecedented times. Your gift to Another Solution on this day of generosity will help someone to stay in recovery or get into recovery and stay safe, healthy, and on track for a sober and productive life.


*Another Solution is not a treatment facility. It is a non-profit organization providing financial aid to qualifying individuals seeking assistance to obtain treatment.

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