Easy Card Creator Enterprise 11.20.80 Crack
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Easy Card Creator Enterprise 11.20.80 Crack


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The **WickedScrEd** team is releasing an official version of the **MSDN Link** on **June 12th, 2019**, for download here: []{.nodecor}. It includes the source code and the build environment. Deploy it on a server to provide your customers and business partners with a MSDN Link to their versions of the **MSDN Link**, so they can download their licenses without downloading the entire MSDN Link project. ## 3. Getting started It is suggested to use the provided build environment for building your custom **MSDN Link**. To build the **MSDN Link** you need to: 1. Install [.NET Core SDK 2.1.x][dotnet-core-2.1.x] version 2.1.x or later 2. Install the [MSBuild Tools 2015 x86][msbuild-2015-x86] version 16.3.x or later or the [Visual Studio 2017 RC version 15.3][visual-studio-15-3] version 15.3.0 or later 3. [Install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition version 16.3][vscode-16.3] or later or **WickedScrEd-MSDN Link for Visual Studio 2019** version 1.0.0 or later ## 4. Build a custom MSDN Link There are a few known issues that affect the build of the **MSDN Link**: 1. When MSBuild 11 or later is used, it seems to ignore the `$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)` environment variable, so to build your own custom MSDN Link you have to specify the root directory of the MSBuild project using the `$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)` enviroment variable. 1. When Visual Studio is used, it should be installed as a [Windows SDK 10.0.x][windows-10] version 10.0.x or later and set as the [primary SDK for MSBuild][msbuild-sdk-1] with the `$(VisualStudioRoot)` environment variable.




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