About Another Solution, Inc.

Another Solution, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization doing business since 1997. We are solely here for the purpose of helping those in need of treatment for drug and alcohol addictions to afford the financial burden of what can be an expensive process.

How It works

ASI has a board committee charged with the task of reviewing the applications and selecting the individuals who are most in need. ASI provides at least one third of the total expense of the treatment. The treatment facility selected for the patient will pay for one third and the patient is expected to pay about a third.

Why ASI?

Another Solution, Inc. has decades of experience with rehabilitation and recovery in the area and across the nation. We apply our experience to match clients with the right facility. Your donation to ASI will be used for an individual to receive treatment and not for advertising, marketing or executive salaries. ASI is here to help those in need and that is all. If you wish to make a donation, please contact us by pressing on the tab to the right.

Treatment Can Be Scary

The beauty of ASI is that we know treatment and we know recovery. We know what is going on with the patient, their fears and their hopes. Nobody is better suited to direct patients and their families to the right solution.